Widen the Path

This morning we continue listening to the Last Supper discourse and we hear the Lord speaking/praying to His Father – out loud. Throughout the Gospels our Lord always takes the time to converse with His Father, most of the time He removes Himself and goes away to pray.  But those times that He does converse out loud – with people around Him – it is to teach them something. This morning we hear Him say to His Father: ‘I glorified you on earth[1]. And just how does He do this? How does Jesus glorify His Father? ‘by accomplishing the work that you gave me to do[2] He finishes saying. And what work was that – Divine Mercy!

Christ’s ministry on earth was to bring Divine Mercy to us.  His working of miracles were, to a great degree an act of mercy; they healed the sick, drove out demons, brought hope out of despair. But they were primarily used to announce the Father’s ultimate mercy; to show mankind that God is aware of their plight, He is concerned with their situation, He came among them to remedy this separation; in short – He came to show His love for us. Christ’s acts of mercy were true love towards those whom He gave it; but He knew that He was not long for this world – He was human and His life limited – especially since in a few hours He was going to climb up on His throne and die for us. He needed to teach us how to continue His mission of Divine Mercy after He ascended. We see in the Acts of the Apostles that his lessons were listened to. The apostles, with the grace of the Holy Spirit, at Pentecost, took up the challenge and went forward with the Good News of Divine Mercy. For two millennia saints, both known and unknown, have taken up that challenge and added to it and then passed it on.

Now it is our time to pick up this mission. Not by great miracles and events; even if we could do them they would be dismissed as spectacles, as were Jesus’ miracles by most of His contemporaries. No our ministry is by small steps; little actions that day-in and day-out radiate the Love of God to those around us. Our proclamation of Divine Mercy, shown by each of us in these little things we do might seem small and ineffectual but they grow in their effect. They expand to fill the voids in those that we witness to. They are a beacon of hope in our cynical world and they attracts others.

Brothers and sisters – our path is clear – let’s increase our small steps of Mercy and widen the path of Love so others can follow.  This is how we make our own the words of Christ to His Father in today’s Gospel: ‘I glorified you on earth by accomplishing the work that you gave me to do.[3]


[1] Jn 17:4
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