Light and Healing

Throughout the year, indeed our lives, we have felt the effects of loved lost. By betrayal, by distance and most intensely by death, our lives have felt pain – the pain of loss.  It is intense, it is real and though when it is fresh and acute we can’t see it; later we have the chance to try and come to terms with the fact that it is part of love. The pain would not be so great if love wasn’t involved. However, the only way to not feel this pain is to never love – that is numbness and a life wasted. But, why would God do this to us? Why would God allow love to have pain? I have no wise and comforting answer, I can’t really understand it either.

But, tonight, from within our hearts we look down upon Love incarnate. We look upon Love Himself born a babe. Tonight, if we allow it; we can, to some degree, understand what love means. Tonight, if we allow it, love will spread throughout our worn and tired bodies. Tonight, if we allow it, love can radiate from us into this darkened world. Tonight, if we allow it, we can be refreshed and confident that love, in spite of the pain that can accompany it, is the best of all emotions.

Brothers and sisters, especially those in the clutches of the pain of loved lost – take heart – Love has come to heal. Feel the warmth of His light; then spread the light of love throughout our lives and to those we meet. It might seem that the little light that we can radiate gets absorbed into the darkness with no effect but that is not true; the world is a little brighter, imperceptible to us, but brighter anyway. With every display of love, the darkness gets that much lighter – darkness can’t remain – dawn comes!!

Love is here, the question is; will we allow it (Him) to heal us? Allow Him! We owe it to ourselves, to those around us, to the world, and especially to He who loved us first.

Don’t try and embrace the darkness – dawn is here!!

Merry Christmas!

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