Lessons From Family

(Allocutio given at a Legion of Mary Mtg (Mary Morningstar Curia Meeting) reflecting on a chapter in the handbook concerning confidentiality of meetings)

As I read today’s reading one word came to mind – over and over again.  As I listened to the words tell me about confidentiality and the importance of it in the health of the Legion and our Mother’s work I kept hearing one word – family.

What to some might seem like a tough and callous requirement is, in reality, how a family is built.  Think back to our childhood, or look to your own experiences with your children and you will see that it was by confidentiality that we bonded; it is how each of us grew both as individuals and as part of a society. Each of us could speak our mind, could ask personal questions, open our hearts with the knowledge that our family would embrace us for who we are and help us.  There was no other place that we could feel so secure and at peace – for our innermost feelings would never be betrayed.

Why? Why does family give us this assurance – love.  Brothers and sisters, it is through the bonds of love that we build a family.  We offer ourselves to each member and rely on their offering themselves to us – always with the knowledge in our heart that, in love, each of us will keep the bonds of confidentiality.  It is what builds us stronger together.

This is why the Legion puts such a strong emphasis on confidentiality. If it wasn’t for this shared love of our Legion family we could never carry out our Blessed Mother’s work. We can’t do it on our own, so we need to open ourselves to each other to do her work. We are not hiding things as if to keep secrets but instead we are nurturing each other, helping with our shortcomings and giving loving correction. We strengthen each other with honest opinions and shared knowledge.

It is true that when dealing with those we meet in our work of evangelization things will come up that we can’t let the whole family know – but we look to those in the family that can help with these situations such as our Priests and Spiritual Directors; and this too can strengthen the whole Legion family. Family will sit with each other not needing to know everything but only needing to know we are family. We sit with each other, we pray with each other, we support each other; nothing else is needed but the love in our Legion family. And we are secure in our knowledge that this is enough because with love is Christ and His Mother.

So as we reflect on this all important section about confidentiality let’s look at it not so much as a strict law that holds us but as a lesson in the importance of a family bond; after all it’s a lesson that our Mother has given us time and time again.

Luke 2:19 ‘But Mary kept all these things, pondering them in her heart.


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