We are Easter

Easter has arrived and we celebrate the reason for hope.  But I fear many miss an important aspect of Easter isn’t a just day; it is who we are.

Throughout Lent we have been contemplating, among other things, the reason for God offering Himself up for our sins.  This is a good thing because we are the cause and we desire to be less so.  However, Good Friday is more than just a payment of our debts – it is an intimate moment with He who created us.  Within each of us are both thieves that flanked Christ on Calvary.  During our journey we resemble the bad thief and fear this; but we also desire to be the good thief and at times are.  Christ is next to both – He is down in the dirt with those who put Him on the Cross. He wants to have that intimate encounter as much as we want one with Him. In short, Christianity is very intimate for all concerned.

So, Easter, the reason for our hope, arrives and we celebrate; we celebrate that we know that Christ meant what He said to the Good Thief (His resurrection is proof of His ability); we celebrate that we too have been given the chance to follow the good thief to paradise; we celebrate the hope and joy that this knowledge brings us; we celebrate an intimate God who is always next to us.

But, Easter isn’t just a day in history, it is an eternal constant.  Each and every time Mass is celebrated Easter is there – truly there. Christ’s offering of Himself is always and everywhere – those actions on Calvary didn’t start and finish – they are now.

And that, my brothers and sisters is exactly who we should be – Easter.  We should always and everywhere radiate the joy and hope of Easter because it, or rather, He is in our hearts.  Let’s celebrate Easter as a verb and not date.  Let’s be an Easter people and allow Christ, through our eyes and mouths, say to all those we encounter – ‘you will be with me in Paradise’[1]. Christ is, Easter is; therefore we should be that intimate.

Let’s be a ‘Happy Easter’ to all we meet!


[1] Lk 23:43


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