‘Grey’ isn’t the Only Color

This weekend I saw a headline that said Fifty Shades of Grey overtook the Passion of the Christ as the best opening day for a February release for an R rated movie; talk about slicing the statistics.  I can’t help but feel this was just to show that the baseness of people is more popular than the goodness of mankind.

The media is constantly trying to marginalize faith.  When the Passion of the Christ came out they slimed it in hope of destroying its popularity. When ‘The Nativity Story’ came out the media focused on pregnancy of the 17 year old actress Keisha Castle-Hughes, who played Mary; with undertones of pointing out self-righteous hypocrisy. But both movies defied the attempts of the ruling entertainment elite and were huge successes – even in their calculations.

What those in positions of power don’t understand is that as much as they think and pander to the debasement of mankind, thinking that these give mankind freedom (and also money their pockets); Catholics and other faiths don’t look at the ‘falleness’ of mankind and accept that level, we look to the elevated mankind, to mankind’s ultimate attainment and strive to help everyone climb to that destiny. Cardinal Ratzinger in a reflection on the Feast of the Ascension said: ‘We do not understand man when we ask only where he comes from.  We understand him only when we also ask where he can go.[1]

Brothers and sisters, in our society where gray is the desired color because it blurs true definition of vision – we are the ones who are called to bring the color to the human journey.  In our society where the overwhelming point of view is downward, or level at best – we are the ones who are called to lift mankind’s eyes to the heights.  Why? Because unlike other definitions of love we have the one that lifts the human spirit to the altitude that true love can attain – the freedom of God Himself.

[1] Essay – Beginning of a New Nearness – The Ascension from Images of Hope, Joseph Cardinal Ratzinger (Pope Benedict XVI) 1976


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