Heart of God

As Holy Mother Church celebrates the Solemnity of the Holy Trinity a lot energy is spent on reflecting on the Trinitarian makeup; Father, Son and Holy Spirit. We try to come to a better understanding of the great mystery, three persons in one God, and this is a good thing; we should desire to understand better what our Lord has revealed to us.  But this year I was struck with the idea that by striving to understand the nature of our God we might be missing another and very important aspect of the Trinity – their dynamic.

Deus Caritas Est, God is Love, His nature is all about self-giving love – He offers His love – so much so that by the Father giving to His Son and the Son giving to His Father that love is made manifest in the Third person the Holy Spirit. But again I am discussing the makeup.  God is a total giving and loving God; this is His dynamic, He always shares, gives. He always loves.  We should take time to reflect on this energy and realize that since we are made in His image we too are made to give, to love.  In fact we are not whole until we embrace this part of our humanity.

God in His loving plan has given us a guide to help us fulfill this. His revealed word in scripture is a written panorama of our life – as it should be, and what happens when we fall short.  What to some might seem like rules, restrictions and impersonal dictates is in reality a beautiful plan of happiness and peace. Sacred Scripture are loving letters of a loving friend, a parent; a family member.  In turn we respond with love and build our personal relationship with God and His creation and we enter into the dynamic of the Trinity.

In his April 10th homily the Holy Father was commenting on the Pharisees trying to trick Jesus and stone him – he said: ‘the mistake of the doctors of the law who were not good, and wanted to stone Jesus…was to separate the commandments from the heart of God.’  The heart of God, the Trinitarian dynamic, is where all of our actions and words should radiate from and lead to.  We need to witness to the fullness of our God and that is love.  Those lists like the commandments and other ‘non-negotiables’ spring alive and become personally fulfilling.

And, in addition, this is the only way that we have any hope of evangelizing the people around us, where issues, words and rules are chaffed at as coercive. We need to open their eyes, minds and hearts up to the energy, the source of our life; the ‘what’ in our life that animates our self-giving; our total, joyful, offering of self to those around us – or rather we need to introduce them to who in our life makes this life worth living – the Holy Spirit who is total self-giving; reciprocal love incarnate. We open our lives up to those around us as a witness to the Holy Trinity.



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