Lesson from the Road

In today’s Gospel[1] we see that the two men walking on the road were confused, disoriented, depressed; demoralized by the events of the previous week. However, they still were gracious enough to allow this other man to journey with them; and they related to him what had just happened.  Events didn’t turn out the way they had expected.

But, eventually these two men, in spite of all of their confusion and uncertainty, encountered their true desire.  As they walked they heard that what happened was not a surprising defeat; it was expected.  The events of the previous days were in fact a victory. Christ defeated Satan and death, and even more, He was right next to them; they were walking with their hope, their joy; their savior.

We are these men.

Our lives encounter all the feelings that they were feeling as we react to the events and actions around us. Rarely do we see things go the way we desire; we would be rich, healthy and happy all the time if they did.  However, we can achieve what they achieved. Our life’s goal is to be next to Jesus Christ; but instead of us struggling to find the way to Him we just need to look next to us for He has never left us.  He is in the word we hear, the people we meet and the Sacraments He gives us, especially the Eucharist; we just need to open our hearts to see.

With this knowledge, in spite of all that is happening around us, we should be joyful; we should be youthful in expectations and rejoicing for they have already been met – Christ has come to us; never to leave! Because of this we should also be energetic and go to those who haven’t met Christ and introduce them.  We know, and so should everyone, that nothing fills us with joy more than our relationship with Christ because nothing completes us but Him.

When all is said and done, we see in this Gospel passage an encounter of a personal kind.  These men have come to realize Christ in a personal relationship, an intimate encounter – and so should we.  In echoing Pope Emeritus Benedict XVI[2]: our faith journey is built on this personal relationship with our Lord, and He never disappoints.  Without our personal interaction with God our faith is weak and sterile; without this intimate relationship we are just following lofty ideas – which will eventually prove unsatisfying. But with it, with this intensely personal relationship, we are fully alive and our life is fruitful, satisfying.

Brothers and sisters, during this Eastertide lets open wider the doors to our hearts, so to allow our personal relationship with Jesus to become richer, broader, fuller.  Let’s take the time to engage our Lord in deeper and more intimate dialog and thus build on the love He gives us.  And let’s take the energy radiating from this relationship and shine it on those living in the darkness of loneliness so they too can come into His embrace.

Christus resurrexit!


[1] Lk 24:13-35 – Road to Emmaus
[2] Inspired by Deus Caritas Est paragraph 1 – Pope Benedict XVI


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