My Lord and my God!

My Lord and my God!‘ St. Thomas the apostle proclaimed to Christ as he found the risen Lord in front of him bearing His glorious wounds. It was just the week before when told of the Lord’s appearance that Thomas doubted, since he wasn’t there.  But today, in the upper room, Thomas professed his faith in Christ.  St. Thomas would go on to do great things for our Lord, reportedly ending his ministry in India, being martyred.

But St. Thomas’ life with Christ is a witness to the journey of faith – like our own.  Before he doubted; St. Thomas showed tremendous faith and courage. It was St. Thomas who uplifted the other apostles when after hearing of Lazarus’ illness Jesus decided to go to him. The apostles were fearing their safety since that journey would take them very close to Jerusalem, where the Sanhedrin were; but Thomas proclaims to the other disciples: “Let us also go to die with him.”[1]  His lesson is important to each of us who, like St. Thomas, ride the waves of faith and belief; we too need to fight the great deceiver as he places whispers of doubt in our minds. As Thomas did in the upper room, we need to surrender to Christ.  Open our mind, heart and soul to the reality that God is with us.  His Divine Mercy is always being offered and with it we are made strong; able to hold off Satan’s poisoned suggestions.

St. John Paul the Great would make His motto ‘Totus Tuus’; totally yours Mary, and of course Mary’s will was totally Christ’s. He would tell us: “Do not be afraid. Do not be satisfied with mediocrity. Put out into the deep and let down your nets for a catch.” He knew the strength of faith that comes when we surrender our self to the great and total other and the peace it brings to our hearts.

Let’s take St. Thomas’ example of surrender to Christ; let’s take St. John Paul the Great’s motto of surrender to the Blessed Mother and her Son as our own; and let’s surrender to Divine Mercy. When we do we will feel a great oppressive power lifted from us and a greater liberating power supporting us.  We will walk with Christ, energized by His Holy Spirit and fear nothing.

St. John XXIII, it is reported, used to finish his day with a prayer that though at first sounds funny is a perfect example of the power of surrender: “It’s your Church, Lord. I’m going to bed.”  May, these three saints: St. Thomas the Apostle, Good Pope St. John, and St. John Paul the Great intercede for each of us as we continue our life-long struggle of total surrender to Divine Mercy. Happy Easter! ————————- [1] John 11:16

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