Christus resurrexit!

Just four months ago, at midnight, we heard these words from Isaiah:
The people who walked in darkness have seen a great light; upon those who dwelt in the land of gloom a light has shone.’[1]

As Christmas dawned, as Christ was born, the darkness of mankind was broken by a light from Bethlehem.  A solitary light, small maybe, but great in our darkness; it gave mankind a focus, a point that gave us hope.  Though He was still in His infancy, indeed just born, God brought the light of hope into our existence.  We were drawn to that light, though we didn’t know what it would accomplish, at least fully.

Today, we know.

Today, God’s light is not just a light in darkness, it has exploded in full force; it has obliterated the darkness that we knew.  Today, all is made clear to us. God has done what He proclaimed He would do, through the prophets, through Christ.  God’s light has burst into every corner and crack; it has driven the darkness out of every place; Christ has risen from the dead and Satan is howling at the brightness that love brings.

Our lives are now forever different because God has come and done battle with Satan and won.  From His resurrection Jesus shines back on the whole of salvation history, all is made clear and all is now good.  The light of the resurrection, His light, shines the truth and we rejoice.  But light only shines on us and does nothing else, if we don’t see it.  We must open the eyes of our soul to let the light in. St. Augustine said ‘God who created you without you, will not save you without you’[2].  Our hearts and desires need to be open to His light for it to bring about God’s will. This might be troubling because we will see with clarity things we don’t like about ourselves; but it brings healing. This light will show us where we need to change, what about us is far from the path of Christ.  But that is ok; it is good for us to take inventory of ourselves and our journey.

It might help us to remember that what we see about ourselves, in total clarity in this light; is what God sees and He still placed Himself on the cross for us.  His resurrection brings us this explosion of light and it also brings the warmth of love.  So let’s go forward on this Easter day, when light triumphs over darkness; when life defeats death; when God proves to be the greatest with joy and peace of mind because we now understand fully those words of Isaiah proclaimed that dark night of Christmas.

My brothers and sisters:
Christus resurrexit! Resurrexit vere!
Christ has risen! He is truly risen!


[1] Isaiah 9: 1
[2] St Augustine, Sermo 169, 13


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