A Mother’s Embrace

This past October 18 Pope Francis preached about the apostles’ lives; he compared their initial and youthful entrance into discipleship to their twilight. He spoke of Moses, St. John the Baptist and St. Paul in their twilight; and then broaden their experience to all retired clergy and religious.

I would add each of us to this meditation.

As faithful followers of Christ; we have the same road. We too have moments of youthful energy that drive us to witness to our Lord’s Gospel, and we too have moments of feebleness and dryness in our journey as disciples. As we travel down our life’s road we lose some of the energy that we had, but we accumulate even more experience and wisdom – we grow! Never lose heart when one of our talents diminish; look to the others that God builds within us, and always exercise the most important one – love! We never lose that gift if we keep close to Christ.

Look to the saints, they are good examples to follow. Keep to your prayer life, it is our dialog with our Triune God. Keep close those who are close to Christ, they are our family. And finally, always look to our Blessed Mother Mary!

So, my Christmas wish for everybody is the ability to keep Christ close to their hearts. I would suggest to each of you that every morning, indeed every moment of the day, we ask our Blessed Mother that while she cradles her infant son she includes us in her motherly embrace, protecting us with her son and nurturing us as well. She always desires to keep us close to her son throughout our lives; may we, in return, be good and faithful children.

May Lord bless you all this Christmas Season and forever.


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