Sanctification of Families

First Monthly First-Friday Eucharistic Vigil for the Sanctification of Families held on:11/1/2013 (Solemnity of All Saints)
We come together this evening and throughout the night to hold vigil for the sanctification of families.  We look for help in achieving this.

We are not guaranteed success from the world; indeed with increasing pressure society is subverting the definition of family and throwing obstacles in the way of those who hold to God’s definition of family.  No, we can never assume to be supported and strengthened by the world for the prince of the world, Satan, is too strong.

But we can count on the support of God Himself, through Christ His Son; through Christ’s bride the Church; through each other – faithful members of the Mystical Body. God has given us Himself to strengthen our resolve; to heal our wounds; to protect our mission.  He has given us the witness of the Saints, who we just celebrated; by their examples we can learn how to persevere and by their prayers we are supported.

In fact, God trusts in us to be the light and leaven in this sin darkened world.  He counts on us to proclaim His Gospel.  We are to be the support of all those who hunger, who desire, for God’s plan.  By the witness of our families and by our proclamation of Truth we offer to them a choice: the chaotic subjective styles that society fleetingly follows, or the solid, stable, eternal plan that brings peace and joy.  We are confident that this choice is obvious, and we are secure in the knowledge that, given a true and honest chance, society will find this peace and joy.

But, as disciples we know that we follow our Lord and we carry His cross with our own cross. Nothing will be easy, but that is why He walks with us.  That is why the need for prayer and sacrifice are so important.  Tonight, we start with both: prayer and sacrifice.  We come in front of our Lord. We kneel in the presence of the Blessed Sacrament to pray for the sanctification of families, especially our own.  We offer our time and sleep as a sacrifice for the failures society’s and our own in achieving this goal.  And we won’t stop, every first Friday we will come here and do the same, pray and sacrifice in front of Jesus who gave himself for everyone.

May God bless our actions – our prayers and sacrifices – by helping us strengthen our families and those around us.


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