Altar with a Purpose

Our Parish received a new permanent altar this past week.


Today’s vespers marks a transition; our first vesper service with the new altar.  Of course we know that this isn’t a new altar, it was originally in one of the houses for religious at Driscoll High School; then it was stored in the Pastoral center for years after the High School was closed.  And now that the Pastoral center has been sold and is moving to a new location this altar has found its way to us.

But throughout its journey, it has always been one thing, an altar.  It is representative of Jesus Christ, which is the reason clergy venerate it with a kiss at the beginning and end of Mass.  It is representative of Calvary, and indeed more than representative, since Calvary is present at every Mass on it.  Throughout all its movements and situations this altar’s purpose has never changed, it is where the source and summit of our faith, our very lives, happen.  If this altar could emit emotion it would be one of joy because once again it is participating in the King of the Universe’s sacrifice to His Father, it is being used as it was intended.  The potential within has, once again, been realized; its purpose is being fulfilled.

We too, throughout our lives, through the changes of our bodies, our environment, our situations always remain the same in one very ontological way; we belong to God.  Sometimes our purpose is potential, other times it is active; but as long as we present ourselves in front of an altar during a Mass and participate in our Lord’s Sacrifice our purpose is strong.  May each of us, in all of our transitions hold fast to our purpose and radiate it to the world.  May each of us, every time we participate in a Mass, here or elsewhere see within the altar our Lord and Savior as He shows us how much He loves us – and with Him – offer our intentions and prayers to the our Father in heaven.


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