Easter and the Cross


Every Good Friday evening our Youth Ministry does a devotional: ‘Living Stations of the Cross’.  It takes them about 6 to 8 weeks to put it together and it is very moving.  As their spiritual guide it is honor to watch these young adults grow in their faith journey as they improve their skills in the devotion.

Every year, among so many moving scenes, (which includes raising Christ on his cross) the moment that gets me is after Jesus is in the tomb, the devotion is over and people are leaving I sit and gaze at the empty cross with the long purple cloth (used to take him down); it is draped on the cross beam hanging lower in the middle.  I keep wondering, every year, will I be able to see and feel this moment again (now I am not being morbid: I could move or the devotion could be discontinued, you just never know).  It is the moment in Lent that seems to bring the Lenten and Easter message together; when I realize what I am worth to God; and it is when I am more aware than ever how much I fallen short of that love.  It is a moment of awareness and, thanks be to God, resolve; resolve to try and move my life closer to how God sees me.  I treasure those few Good Friday minutes of contemplation and solitude.  I treasure that moment with my God!

They say the shadow of the Cross falls back on the Manger, indeed the shadow of the Cross falls on every action, liturgical or otherwise, in the Catholic Church, and should fall back on each of us every day.  But the shadow is there only because of the light of the Resurrection, Easter brings meaning to the Cross and our hope.  Today, on this Easter Sunday, I wish each of you the moment of the Cross bathed in the glorious light of Easter.


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