3rd Reflection of the Way of the Cross

The Way of the Cross: his way, my way, our way.  The Way of the Cross; that can bring our totality, who we are, how we think, what we feel into contact with Christ’s great act of total love.

I walk with our lord on the path he took.
I stand with him at the Praetorium, side by side, looking sadly at those who know not what they do.
I stand in the crowd watching the spectacle of his so-called trial.
I stand and listen in shock to those around us shouting for his blood.
I stand with them shouting for his death.
I watch in horror as the cohort scourges our savior and blood runs into pools.
I watch in ecstasy as he is beaten and torn.
I hang my head as he is mocked with a crown of thorns.
I crane my neck to make sure I see how humiliated he looks as the thorns dig in.
I am on the side of the Via Dolorosa and sympathy runs with my tears.
I watch from the roadside and breathe a sigh of relief that it is him and not me.
I hurt when he falls.
I heckle as he lies on the ground.
I desire to come to him as Veronica did to help this hurting soul.
I nip at his heals to speed him up on this brutal path.
I look around wildly on Golgotha to find some way to stop this.
I settle in my place on this Place of the Skull to enjoy the spectacle.
I hang on his left and ridicule him.
I hang on his right and ask for his help.

But ultimately I stand next to His mother as He gives her to me and wonder how can I be worthy? Can I surmount the evil I see inside me and allow God to work through me?  I see deep within me and what I am capable of, and it disgusts me.  I see within me a longing for what I desire to be, and it gives me hope.  I know how weak I am, and it frightens me. I feel the hunger of discipleship, and it encourages me.

I see Jesus; as He sees everything about me from on high, from the cross, and still He shows me how much He loves me.  I pick up my own cross and move forward on the Via Dolorosa of my life and understand it more and more each time I walk on His.  I know that as I walk through His steps – He walks with me in mine.

To you Lord Jesus,
companion on our journey,
goal of our life
with your Father and your Holy Spirit
be honor and glory for ever.


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