The Quiet Ones

This past Sunday we heard the account of Jesus’ first miracle at the wedding feast of Cana. As with everything in the Bible this account is inexhaustible in its meaning for us. On first glance we see that Christ starts His ministry, we can understand that this event marks the Sacrament of Marriage; that Mary is a co-worker with her Son – and on and on.

But this weekend I was drawn to the servants and their part in Christ’s action.  As we hear, the servants were told to fill the jars and then draw out from the jars and take it to the headwaiter.  They did this quietly – they didn’t explain to the headwaiter what had happened (as we see by the headwaiter’s comment to the groom). Then they disappear from the account and into the gathering to continue with their chores.  Christ included them in His action – He didn’t have to include them – He could have done it himself – but He wanted their participation.  Through their ‘little’ part in this event Christ’s action was made manifest to those He intended to help.

These servants are each of us; this is what we are called to be.  We are called to walk through this world and bring Christ to each person we meet. That is our part in His salvific plan.  By our words, our actions, our lives: we carry, we introduce and we recede to allow Him to work.


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