New Year Peace

Once again we are on the eve of  a New Year.  Society (at least in the United States) celebrates this with an almost manic pace.  It seems that we are frantic in celebrating the passing of one year for the next; as if we need to have a better year to satisfy our longings; to erase anything that disrupted our enjoyment of life; to try and create stability out of uncertainty.  We act like addicts trying to get the next high!  But when all is said and done there is nothing that will satisfy us as we wish, at least that is in our control.

Look to Mary, Holy Mother Church says on this first day of the year; this Solemnity of Mary – Mother of God.  Look to her faith, for that is where true happiness can be found. Mary didn’t have a perfectly peaceful life, and yet she was at peace because she was with peace, Jesus.  The things that we know happened in her life we wouldn’t want to happen to us.  Much despair and hardship – from her fiat to Gabriel to her holding her dead son; from the exile in Egypt to the exile in Patmos she lived much sadness and uncertainty.  But in spite of these events she was at peace because she was with God.  She had stability with her creator.

There is a quote by Saint Teresa of Avila that always reminds me of Blessed Mary:  ‘Let nothing trouble you, let nothing make you afraid. All things pass away. God never changes. God alone is enough.

May we all find the peace that Christ brings.


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