Something Stupid

The other day at work I was talking with a group of people that were in my department. During the conversation someone wished me a Merry Christmas and asked what I was doing for the celebration – so I went through my schedule.  It was at that time that one of them said, ‘I find it curious that Christians celebrate the birth of Jesus in December when he was actually born in summer.’  You would have to know this man, he is a wonderful person however he is a walking replay of anything from the Discover and History channels – a fount of bizarre and most often wrong information (did you know that red M&Ms get their color from mosquito wings?).  I immediately responded with the comment ‘really’, winking at his work-group companions, who all rolled their eyes because they knew what was coming.  10 minutes later, after the rest of his co-workers had escaped and after much useless and often times contradictory proofs I was able to get a word in.

A couple times he used the word stupid to refer to this celebration (again, you have to know the young man to understand he really means no harm). I mentioned that as stupid as it might seem, it was a perfect day to celebrate the birth of Christ, and that it was the day he actually came to us; since during the Mass He truly comes to us (talk about words going over the head of someone).

But, in reaching my main point I said that mankind needs celebrations, momentous events to reinforce in our minds and hearts certain basic, foundational truths.  That the day might not be correct as far as historical fact is beside the point (though contrary to his experts no one is really sure), it is the meaning of the day that is important.  It is the metaphysical truths that are being remembered and hopefully reinforced in our hearts.  In which he replied with ‘Hmmmmm’ and what metaphysical truths do you need to reflect over.

The gift of Love, I responded. That God, creator of the universe, came down from on high, was born to mankind in order to save me; that I am loved that much, that I am that important.  I kneel beside the manger and thank Him for His gift of self, I tear up at how I have let Him down and I pray that I can do better in the future.  I offer my heart to He who offered Himself and I offer my heart to those who He loves.  Gift giving at its most pure and best!

Later, a couple of his co-workers came to my office and wondered what I had said to him to make him quiet for the rest of the day.  ‘Oh’, I replied, ‘I just said something stupid’.

May you all have a blessed and holy Christmas!


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