Mary in Her Many Titles

Today’s celebration of the Feast of Our Lady of Guadalupe is a reminder not only of God’s love for us, but of our obligation as being one of those He loves.

When our Blessed Mother appeared to St. Juan Diego in 1531 on that hill of Tepeyac; there were very few converts to Catholicism.  The results of missionaries’ 30 years of work were paltry.  But in the seven years after her appearance 8 million Aztecs converted to Catholicism!  God’s desire for His creation to gain eternal happiness with Him, and His activity towards that end, never stopped after Christ’s ascension into Heaven.  He loves us so much He sent His mother to Mexico, to Lourdes France, Fatima Portugal, Champion Wisconsin – and those are just a few of the apparition sites we know of!  He loves us that much!  His call to mankind is constant and never ending.

But in those seven years only a few people actually saw our Lady of Guadalupe; it was by the loving witness of the newly faithful that 8 million others found God.  It is we, the ordinary people, who spread His loving messages, given to us by His Holy Mother, who bring to God His people.  True, it is the Holy Spirit who changes hearts, but it is our example that stirs the desire in people to allow them to understand what the Holy Spirit is doing to them.  Our model for discipleship is Mary in her many titles.  Our reward is the peace and joy of knowing that God loves us that much.  Our obligation is bring others to the same joy and peace.


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