September’s Feast Days

Someone once asked in a church discussion, “Why did God create the Earth?”
I immediately answered, “Somewhere to put the cross!” Though said in both
earnest and humor, it is, in a very important sense, true.

September 14, we will celebrate the Feast of the Triumph of the Cross. It is the
celebration of the Cross which Christ was nailed to. Until Christ, this piece of wood
was a symbol of defeat, humiliation, and agonizing torture; an ultimate denial of the
dignity of a person. But with Christ, the Cross became the Tree of Life. It was the
instrument of our salvation; it was, and is, the throne of our King. It was and is the
symbol of ultimate love. It was and is the place of exaltation!

Below the Cross stood Mary, God’s mother – our mother. With the pain only a
mother knows, she watched the horrific symbol of torture transform into the symbol
of life. She quietly took it all in; and to the last, did as her son wished. “Woman,
behold your son,” Christ told Our Blessed Mother from the Cross. “Behold your
mother,” Christ told St. John – and us. So we do. We take our mother in; deep into
our hearts. We let her guide us and intercede for us; as only a mother can.
Christ needed His Cross. On September 14, let us all celebrate its triumph. Christ
needed His mother. Let us all celebrate her, especially on September 8, her


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