One small little nail, and that is enough

I would like to continue with my reflection on St Joseph and Mary and their witness to living a holy life by making holy the little actions of life.

I am not a great and powerful person in the eyes of the world, I am not even a great power in God’s plan of unity, I am one small little peace in this plan; however I am irreplaceable.

By my acceptance of my part in His plan I realize that every little event in my life, every little action I do is an important piece of the ‘divine fabric’.  I become an integral thread woven with other threads into a fabric that radiates more gloriously than those many single threads laying unwoven.  To do otherwise would mar this tapestry of God, and leave me outside the divine plan.

So I look to Mary and Joseph and see examples of lives lived ‘small’ but within this divine fabric, this sacred symphony of love.  They lived every action of their ‘small’ lives with the humility of just one thread but lived them ‘holy’ as part of the great divine fabric.  They realized that God, through His love, gave them their lives, not to live to their desire, which in the end leaves us unsatisfied, unfulfilled; but to live so as to glorify God, which always leaves us whole and fulfilled.  May the prayers of Mary and Joseph instill in me always the urge strive for holiness in everything I do.

There is an old proverb that ends with the line: ‘the kingdom was lost, all for want of a nail’.  Please God, allow me to be just a nail!



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