St. Joseph our example

I can’t think of any other way to start celebrating the Marian month of May than with a memorial to her spouse St Joseph.  May 1st, the memorial of St Joseph the worker, for me, leads me to Mary, who is constantly pointing us to her son Christ, by instilling in me the desire to make every little action in my life a moment of holiness.  St. Joseph, a carpenter, a ‘common’ man, allowed his life to be directed by God.  He lived to serve the Lord, and accepted the tasks put in front of him by God, quietly, patiently, humbly. His mission in life was to look after his God, and his God’s mother.  To raise this child, who wasn’t his own, as his own.  To be the best husband he could possibly be for a woman who was so loved by God that His son was born through her.  To love those who God loved!  To care for God’s loving gift to humanity so that gift, in turn, could be a blessing to all.  And Joseph did all of this not by great and glorious feats celebrated by the nation but by being a father, a husband, a worker.  And that was enough for this holy and humble man.

In the prayer after communion for today’s Mass we hear:  ‘Having fed upon heavenly delights, we humbly ask you, O Lord, that, by Saint Joseph’s example, cherishing in our hearts the signs of your love, we may ever enjoy the fruit of perpetual peace.  Through Christ our Lord.’

May we all, man and woman alike, take St. Joseph’s witness to heart.  May each of us see the love of God in every little action we take.  May we cherish those signs of love and bring the peace of God to all we meet.


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