Can you feel it?

Can you feel it?  It is powerful.
There is a great hush over the universe, as there was 2000 years ago.  Then the heavenly hosts, angels everyone, crowded around each other looking towards Bethlehem.  In amazement they were staring into that little town.  God was going to be born!  He who they continually praise in their heavenly home is about to limit himself in a body of a man.  The God, who’s majesty is praised about the heavens, who’s hand arranged the moon and the stars is reaching down from heaven to those sinful men.  God, who is mercy, is about to put himself at the mercy of the sinners.  God, who is justice, is about to lay himself at the feet of the fickle whims of mankind.  Those angels just stared, amazed, hopeful and awestruck.  What does this bode, they wonder?  No words were spoken for no words could do it justice.  If they breathed there wouldn’t be a breath taken.  God was being born of a young maid – no power, no riches but there was love!  How would these men understand?  Angels looked down in amazement and the hush was deafening.

Can you feel it?  It is powerful.
There is a great hush in heaven today.  The angels, saints, martyrs and prophets all look down towards us.  For tomorrow Jesus comes in our ceremonies, the Lord comes again in our hearts as a babe.  Heaven looks down and wonders. Will we meet Him with hearts open? Will we grasp His gift anew? Will we change our hearts, our lives, our world?  Can you feel it? The hush is deafening.

* Inspired, in part, by Psalms 8 & 144


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