Happy Thanksgiving!

On this blessed day when we gather together with loved ones and reflect on all that God has done for us, one thing we should make time for is reflecting on how our faith strengthens us.  Our faith in our God is the dynamic force that animates our actions, or at least it should be.  Through the grace of faith we learn how to truly love, how to exist with others, how to live.  By this gift we become a gift to those around us and ultimately a force for good in our society – it is part and parcel of our faith – to be witnesses to love.  Each of us, have a part in the societal discourse.  Each of us, depending on our calling and stature in society has an obligation to be a disciple to Christ’s message.  When one of us fails this calling we hurt the society we live in, love of God’s message and participation in society are not separate they are intertwined they are one.  It would be selfish of us not to offer the joy we have been given to others. My Thanksgiving prayer for all of us is that the joy of faith animates us to illuminate society with God’s love and bring His kingdom one step closer to everyone!


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