As we journey towards our King

For the past 20 some weeks we have been learning what it means to be the mystical body of Christ.  The Mass readings during ordinary time have been about living, living as disciples.  We have been given insights and helps that enable us to be the light in our society, “not through” our Holy Father has said “power but through spirit, not through institutional strength but through witness, through love, life, and suffering.” 

Through us, by the power and guidance of the Holy Spirit we proclaim that the Church is alive, because Christ is alive.  It is He that we journey towards, it He that we point all we meet to, it is He that our Love finds its source and its end.  Next week we celebrate this aspect of our faith but for right now it is good to look back on what we have experienced and learned about ourselves in this ordinary time which, of course, is anything but ordinary when lived in and for Christ.  My wish for each us during this next week, is that we take some time each day and reflect on what we have done for God; our failures and our successes; reflect on what the Gospel has taught us and how we have lived those messages.  In a certain way this is what makes our journey home so rewarding, we learn and grow in the ways of Love as we journey towards our King.


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