Two Tables – One Story

Wisdom and love, Word and deed – each pair describes the same dynamic and are prevalent today in our closing prayer – prevalent in this Church.  In fact they have their own altars; and both are integral for our journey home – for our salvation.  If we lack one or other we are going to have rough time on this journey.

As humans, creatures, we are in need of guidance from our creator; we cannot comprehend reality without His help.  It would be like a character in the beginning of a novel trying to understand how they were to get to the end; they can’t. The author is only one who knows; the only one who has the power to move them to the end.

So, our creator has given us the Wisdom; has offered His words to help us move through the pages. Our journey is written in front of us; at least the end that the eternal author wishes us to attain.  We hear it every time we read scripture, every time a lector or clergy proclaim the Word from this ambo – this altar of God’s wisdom – this table of the Word.

As fallen creatures however, humanity has turned themselves from the truth to try to blaze their own story. We seem to have trouble appreciating God’s story.  But God, the author of life, in His infinite mercy, has given us the help we need to see the truth. He has acted to ensure that His storyline for us can still be attained; by His deeds He has opened our eyes, at least those who want to see.  He has come and has shown us that Love is the storyline – and He continues to show us that every time we come to Mass and participate at the altar of His son’s sacrifice – His table of Love.

In our Responsory this evening we proclaim:”The whole of creation proclaims the greatness of your glory.’ It seems to me that creation can do this because ‘these two tables proclaim greatness of His story.


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