Wide and Scenic Highway

We are pilgrims on this planet; our home is with God and we are journeying towards him.  Sometimes, the road is very wide and the going seems easy.   Other times, the road is very, very narrow and hard and we try to keep our feet moving homeward, asking for the Lord’s help; which he is always ready to give.  But most of the time, the road is very boring, spiritually lonely, and we just seem to be on auto-pilot – not noticing what is around us – the road isn’t inspiring – we become numb to our surroundings.

We forget that we are not on this road alone and we should be looking for others to help on their way.  It is our responsibility to help others!  I heard a saying yesterday: ‘The difference between man and the other animals is that we know that we need not be.’  That we exist is from the grace of God; we are here because God wants us here.  Of course that means that everyone is hear because God wants them here.  They are gifts from God as we are, hopefully, to them.  Love our neighbor as our self and the road again becomes a wide and scenic highway!


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