From the River to the Cross

Today, Christ starts His public ministry of proclaiming the loving plan of His Father.  Today, He submits and is baptized by John.  Not that He needed it, He is without sin, He is God.  But with this action He embraces both:our journey and struggle from our fallen nature towards our eternal home; and His passion, which starts as He comes out of the river Jordan.

His passion, by necessity, needs to start with the start of His public ministry.  He needs to call to everyone and proclaim the saving grace of God.  He needs to move towards that ultimate act on Calvary in front of everyone – so that His passion will have the power of example.  If He hadn’t walked this path then His crucifixion would have been another death of another self-professed profit – not noticed by the people.  But He walked and talked and ate and worked the proclamation of Love from the River to the Cross – and the world was changed.

In a way – today, our public ministry starts.  If the season of Christmas and this feast of the Baptism of Lord has had any effect on us; our desire to reenergize our witness should start anew.  As we come up out of the season of Christmas we should, in our hearts, see the cloud open and the Holy Spirit descend, and we should hear the Father say to us: ‘you too are my adopted children – go and bring me others so that I may be well pleased with everyone’.


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