Rough Draft

The Holy Father said ‘We must always see in other human beings persons with whom we shall one day share God’s joy.’  It is in reference to a discussion about the fact that, as humans, we are a ‘rough draft’ of what we should be; we are in transition.

We are called to love our neighbor as ourselves, and we know only too well our own failings and faults; so, when someone treats us poorly, or is less than loving, we should understand that they are on the same journey as we, they are in transition, and they need the love we desire.

This is easier to say than to do; our initial reaction is to protect ourselves, but what are we protecting, really?  If we are not in physical danger our reaction of protection is mostly interior pride.  This type of pride isn’t love and it damages both the one we are reacting against and ourselves.  It moves us backwards on the journey to being truly human.  But how do we do otherwise, how to we love back in response to mistreatment? We need to always keep in our eyes the promise of the person we are dealing with; we need to see Jesus in them –  We need to embrace Love, embrace them and both move forward on the path towards God’s joy.


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