Our Mother’s Love

This morning, after holding a communion service at a local assisted-care living center I sat by our manger scene and prayed Terce (Mid-morning prayer of the Liturgy of the Hours).  As I prayed the words ‘The Lord will guard you from evil, he will guard your soul’.  I looked up and saw the Lord in the crib of hay.  I was struck by the fact that here is the Lord who will guard me – and that at this point in his life it is he that needs protecting.

This was followed by looking up and reflecting on the figure of Mary looking lovingly into the eyes of the baby Jesus.  She, who protected Jesus throughout the previous nine months.  She, whose heart beat above her creator’s heart for those months.  She, whose entire life is centered around her baby and savior.  The love of a mother is total, and the love of the mother of Love itself is boundless.   She protects her child so that He will protect all of us.  Her child loves each of us totally, without reservation, and Mary His mother loves with the same intensity with the same totality.  Mother of God, mother of us all – pray for us.


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