Christmas Joy

As I was kneeling in an empty Church and praying a rosary I was struck by a theme that our Holy Father has used in the past.  ‘God is great precisely because He made Himself small‘.  Now, of course God is great no matter what He does; but the idea, at least to me, is that God could have dealt with us in any way He desired; He could have stayed aloof in heaven and just fixed everything from on high, but He didn’t.  His desire was to be as close to us as possible.  He wanted to experience our condition, our fallen condition, from our point of view.  He wanted to know our joys and fears, our pains and pleasures, our happiness, our loneliness.  He desired walk with us and be there for us – and to do that He needed to be as we are (except for sin of course).

This is the Christmas joy that I am feeling, that when I kneel to pray I don’t need to look up to heaven because I am looking God straight in the eye.  God is with us!